• Access to Homes: Through a cooperative agreement with real estate agencies in the Atlanta area we have access and can show you homes listed by any agencies.  This enables you to work with us and use your time effectively, without wasting valuable time contacting and scheduling appointments with the listing agent for each home you would like to see.   No one offers access to more homes in the Atlanta area than Sheryl Lewis & Team.
  • Competitive Market Analysis of chosen Homes:  Once you have found a home that interest you, we will review the value of the Home and assist you in determining an appropriate price.  You will feel confident that any offer you make to purchase a home is based on the true value of the home and gives you the greatest chance of return on future appreciation in value.
  • Interpretation of Documents, Contract Language, and Applicable Laws: Real Estate transactions are highly regulated in Georgia.  The contracts and documents used are full of legal language and work to protect the Buyer and Seller as they work through the negotiations towards a binding contract. We keep you informed throughout the negotiations, answer questions, and give you lots of information up front in advance of each phase of the process.  You’ll feel knowledgable, informed, and confident during each phase of the buying process.  You want to work with Sheryl Lewis & Team because we take the  “No Surprises!” approach to your transactions.
  • Contract Preparation and Presentation of Your Offers to Buy: Once you’ve made a decision to make an offer to purchace a home you want your offer and contract presented in a way to insure the greatest chance of acceptance.  We use our experience to draft your offer with the greatest appeal to the Seller, while making sure that you retain the highest control and lowest risks in the negotiations. All contracts and offers are drafted and presented with your full approval and confidence.    
  • Representation in Negotiations: Nothing is more important than knowledgable, experienced, and effective representation during the negotiating phase of the buying process.  As your Buyer’s Representative we work exclusively for you.  We will keep you informed, communications clear, and promote a comprehensive, timely understanding of both Buyer and Seller status to you throughout the buying process.  You will have the confidence that you know what to expect from the seller and what decisions you have to make in advance of each phase of the negotiations.
  • Provision of Contract documents to your Lender: Each Lender and Closing Attorney will need copies of contracts and documents in order to timely prepare for the closing of your purchase.  We maintain a well organized file of your documents and  will coordinate finalization of contracts and provide the necessary documents to your Lender and closing Attorney, as needed, for any financing considerations.
  • Comprehensive Resource Network: Through Coldwell Banker Residential Services and our own network of resources you have an “Instant Network” of contacts for any services that you need to facilitate your buying process. 
  • Searching, Closing, and Beyond: We’re here for you from the time you begin your search for a new Home, at each phase of the buying process, through the Closing of the purchase, and beyond.  If you or anyone you know needs to sell or buy a home, we’re here and ready to provide exceptional service.  We believe that buying a home should be a enjoyable experience and everything we do for you is done with that in mind.  Sheryl Lewis & Team.
  • Internet Access: Through our website “Search Homes” page we provide access for you to search and preview all Homes listed in the Atlanta area, 24 hours a day.  Our search engine gives you the opportunity to see the same homes that other agents and buyers are reviewing, save your searches to review later, and see all currently available homes, not just the homes on one multiple listing service.
  • Information about the Communities and Areas of Interest to You:  With so many homes on the market and communities to choose from you want help in narrowing down the homes that meet your specific criteria in the communities that offer the features and amendities that you want for your family.  During our first meeting we’ll get to know your ideas and preferences for the home and community that you’re looking for.  Together we’ll search for your home using your ideas and our experience.  With the information that we provide you’ll feel confident that you’re make the right choices in the timeframe that’s right for your needs.

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