If you’re planning to sell your home in the Atlanta Metro area, you are not alone.    Every day over 40,000 homes are actively  “For Sale” in the Atlanta area. . . . many in your price range and area competing with you for buyers.    To sell your home in this type of market you need knowledgable and experienced agents who can;

  1. Develop and Coordinate an individualized, comprehensive marketing plan for your house which will generate maximum exposure to qualified potential buyers.
  2. Provide a network of resources and services to make buying your house possible.
  3. Aggressively pursue buyers, follow up leads, and negotiate the best contract for you.

In the Atlanta Market, putting a sign in the yard, placing some information in the Multiple Listing Service, and hoping for the best is a recipe for frustration and anxiety.    Sheryl Lewis and Team takes the “Active” approach to marketing your Home.    Your Home needs exposure to potential buyers and this is where we’re the experts.    By identifying the strategic contacts and appropriate, effective promotional resources for your area and price range we are able to aggressively  present your Home directly to the buyers and other Agents most likely to be interested in your Home. 

Take a look at the list below which outlines some of the services we provide to get your Home on the market and actively in front of potential buyers. . . . . and contact us to discuss the other services we provide which places us above the rest.     We Make Things Happen !

Services we provide to sell your Home. . . .

Home Camera Action!

The key to selling your home is getting maximum exposure to the greatest number of qualified buyers.  Most potential buyers will get their first impression of your home from pictures as they search online, publications, and sales flyers.  With  “HOME, CAMERA, ACTION !”  we focus on maximizing the impact your home will project in pictures and place them in the media sources with the greatest coverage to provide exposure, exposure, exposure!

Welcome Home Preview

A “Welcome Home Preview”  is a professional preview of your home to provide experienced feedback about how you can highlight features to make your house say “Welcome Home” to prospective buyers.  We also answer your questions about curb appeal and home staging to attract attention from buyers.

Programs For Sellers Offered Exclusively By Sheryl Lewis and Team:

No Problem, they’re our speciality !

We’re the One Real Estate Team to handle your needs from start to finish . . . and beyond. . . .

                            Because you’ve got more important things to do !

Selling your Home effectively is about generating maximum exposure to the greatest number of qualified potential Buyers and aggressively negotiating the best deal for you.  Contact us to learn more about how our effective marketing programs and exceptional service can mean success for you.

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An up-front Question and Answer review of the Real Estate process for you.
Even if you have sold or purchased real estate in the past you will have questions about the current market dynamics, buyers focus points, and competitive issues for your sale.  We will schedule time to review your questions and provide answers so that you will enter the sale process fully informed with up-to-date information.  You want this information so you can make each decision with the right goal in mind, knowing that your sales plan is on track for success.
A Comprehensive Marketing Plan for successfully selling your Home.
Knowledge and experience has taught us what it takes to sell a home, and we use this information to plan for your success.  To sell your Home we work with you to develop a marketing plan with activities and timelines designed to maximize selling opportunities.  From our first meeting and going forward you will know what to expect and have the information you need to make decisions in advance.  As needed, we will make changes to the marketing plan based on changing dynamics in the market, competitive issues, and buyer/agent feedback, all with your input and discussion.
A CMS - Competitive Market Analysis of your Home.
We provide this critical information as a focal point to determine key strategies for selling your home.  The CMA tells us the current competitive status of your home in the local market.  This information will assist us in determining the price of your home and how best to address competitive issues.
Well - Researched pricing recommendations.
We review multiple resources and seek advice from respected partners to determine all pricing recommendations.  We are a good judge of the market and our 98% average sale-to-list price shows our success.
Presentation of your Home information to other local agents.
Coldwell Banker agents are some of the most successful agents in the area.  We present your home information directly to the local Coldwell Banker agents during our regular office meetings and schedule a time for agents to preview your home in person.  These agents provide valuable feedback to us and to you regarding how buyers will assess your home.  One of these agents may very likely have a buyer for your home.
Placement of your Home photos and information on Top Internet Sites.
99+% of all real estate agents get their information about homes for sale from internet sites.  85+% of all buyers will initially begin searching for a home on the internet.  We place your home photos and information on the internet sites where experience and research has shown the agents and buyers search for homes.  We also go one step further by securing profile, featured home, and key word positions on key strategic sites.
A Professional Coldwell Banker “For Sale” yard sign.
Coldwell Banker is one of the most respected Real Estate Companies in the world.  Many national and international companies use Coldwell Banker for relocation of their employees because of this reputation.  A Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage sign in your yard tell agents and buyers that quality is important to you and that they can count on your home and the buying process to be handled professionally.
Flyers and brochures with photos and features of your home for potential buyers.
We provide professional flyers and information resources for potential buyers and agents to take with them as they consider your home.  Flyers are placed inside the home and in a flyer box near the yard sign, for easy access to information about your home and contact information to schedule a preview or present an offer to purchase.
Agent on call for Potential Buyers.
We always have someone available to work with agents or buyers interested in your home.  Regardless of the time we will not miss an opportunity to present information about your home to potential buyers or discuss an offer.
Representation with All buyer offer negotiations.
We represent You in all negotiations for the sale and purchase of your home.  With the sale of one of your largest investments you want professional, knowledgeable, and experienced partners to guide your decisions and negotiate agressively on your behalf.  We prepare you from the beginning and keep you informed throughout the negotiation process, so that your decisions are made with the best information possible.
Preparation and distribution of Counter-Offer documents.
All contracts and documents are kept well organized and complete.  We prepare and distribute documents to all appropriate parties involved in the sale of you home.
Interpretation of documents, contracts, and Real Estate Law.
During negotiations and preparation of contract documents, we provide you with information and answer your questions to insure that you are knowledgeable in all aspects of the process. 
Weekly and New-event activity updates.
We provide you with weekly updates throughout the time your home is for sale.  These updates include showing feedback, competitive issues, market information, and any other information that affects the sale of your home.  We also provide updates when any “new-event” occurs which we feel warrants more immediate discussion with you.  We tailor our communications to the the resource that best meets your needs, e-mail and telephone most frequently.
Experienced review of inspection reports.
We use our experience and knowledge to assist you in reviewing home inspection reports.  While we are not experts in the field of home inspections we can offer insight from past inspections and negotiations.
A “Welcome Home Preview”.
We offer experienced recommendations for staging your home to enhance curb appeal and buyer interest.
“Home, Camera, Action” visual highlights program.
We use photographs and strategic media placement to give your Home a great first impression and ongoing interest for potential buyers.
Give us a call to discuss the total marketing package we provide for the sale of you Home.
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